Having a Great Memory & Secondary Trauma

One of my talents is that I have a really good memory. I am good at recalling names, dates, statements, significant events, and useless trivia. Trust me, it is not photographic or anything, but I have to admit, it is pretty impressive. I surprise a lot of my friends when I can bring up something they said last week or even last year. I surprise … Continue reading Having a Great Memory & Secondary Trauma

Thoughts From a Kid You Would Have “Walked Up To”

2006- One day, during my freshmen year of high school, after the bell rang alerting us to move to our next class, a group of kids in my biology class laughed behind me as I gathered my binder and backpack. I began to walk out of the classroom but stopped to turn around with a confused look on my face. “WHAT!?” One of the boys … Continue reading Thoughts From a Kid You Would Have “Walked Up To”

“Tell Your Story in Six Words”

Yesterday, I had the honor of listening to Michele Norris speak in person at a wonderful Women’s Forum. If you do not know who she is, she is an award-winning journalist and author and was the first African-American female to host a series on National Public Radio (NPR); she formally hosted NPR’s All Things Considered. On top of all that, she is an absolute delight and … Continue reading “Tell Your Story in Six Words”

Snotty, Arrogant,Smug,Conceited, B%#@h

  Because I do not speak a lot, I apparently come off as either snotty, arrogant, smug, conceited, or, for lack of a better word, a bitch. In case you are wondering, someone has either said this to me or about me at some point in my life. My coworkers, classmates, and select family members do not understand that the majority of the time I … Continue reading Snotty, Arrogant,Smug,Conceited, B%#@h

My Long-term Relationship: Not My Biggest Accomplishment

I have been in a relationship for nearly eight and a half years. Yes, you read that correctly, eight and a half LONG years. Austin and I met the old fashion way; we worked together, we became friends, completely missed all the signs we may like each other, and then awkwardly found ourselves on a date. We dated for six months without our coworkers having … Continue reading My Long-term Relationship: Not My Biggest Accomplishment