Introvert Life

Today, I Start a Blog

Since I was able to talk, I managed to convince myself I had nothing to say. My feelings, my thoughts, my words- they were of no value. I am 26 years old, going on 27, and I am just starting to believe that is not true. I have a lot to say and I do add value to the larger conversation, whatever that may be.

Though it has taken a lot of convincing, over 10 years, I have decided to start a blog. I want to focus on the intersectionality of race, mental health, gender, and sexuality as it relates to myself and the general population. I want to share my experiences as a quiet, awkward weirdo in hopes more weirdos will feel a sense of solidarity and empowerment. Lastly, I want to continue to grow. Every day is a struggle for me to feel like the smart, confident, beautiful, wonderful individual people tell me I am, but I am a work in progress.

So with that being said, gentlepeople, welcome to my blog!

If you stumbled upon this by accident, do not fret, go back to safety by hitting that back button.

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