Counting Progress

“Every little bit counts!”

“You are doing so good!”

Does it? Am I?

I am my own worse critic and in my mind I fail at all or most things. Queue the “no, that’s crazy. You are so great ”

paul simon lyrics GIF
Insert: “Hello self-doubt my old friend”

As I have mentioned previously, it is hard for me to relish in my accomplishments, accept compliments, and not second guess my every move.

I am working on a lot of things simultaneously: a career, a blog, weight loss, hair growth, a relationship, and raising my credit score, just to name a few. On top of that, everyday I talk myself out of quitting it all and becoming a hermit and professional napper.

So much like taking care of myself (Tiny Self-Care) , I am learning to see and acknowledge progress big and small. I repeat, learning.

For example…

Healthy lifestyle:

I worked out for 5-15 minutes.

I did not eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting.

I only drank coffee twice this week.

I finished a bottle of water.

I walked up a flight of stairs.


I asked for help

I gave a compliment

I accepted a compliment without trying to argue why I did not deserve it

I shared a personal story

I said no

I did not apologize for something I did not do

I accepted an invitation to hang out

Mental health:

I got out of bed

I told someone or wrote down how I feel

I took a break

I did not redirect my feelings onto my partner or family member

I did not say something negative about myself out loud

If I said a bad thing, I said one good thing.

I left the house

I believed someone when they said something nice about me.

Once I recognize that these are steps towards overall wellness, I want to do more of it and build on it. Well, sometimes. Most times, I will think that it was a fluke and I cannot repeat it. Though it is a daily struggle, I try again anyway in hopes that those tries will eventually manifest into full fledged behavioral changes.

Maybe I will exercise 60 minutes everyday. Maybe I will freely communicate my thoughts and feelings. Maybe I will feel so confident that no one can tell me nothin’!

sexy brooklyn nine nine GIF
We will see.

In the meantime, I will continue to try and I hope you will to. That is really all any of us can do.


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