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“But You Would Make a Great Mom!”

I do not want kids. I do not want kids.

I do not want kids.

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I do not think it makes selfish, heartless, or narcissistic. Very early on, when I thought I wanted kids, I realized I just wanted to name babies and dress them sometimes.

I can be very nurturing and the mom, these days the grandma, of my friend group, but that does not mean I want to procreate. Now do not get me wrong, our child(ren) would be totally rad; but, I would make a terrible pregnant woman, children are expensive, and I just don’t feel it. Plus, I like being the cool aunt.

I have been consistent on my stance for years and that does not stop my family and friends from saying:

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“‘But you would make a great mom.’ ‘You say that now, you will change your mind.’ ‘I’m disappointed to hear that.’ ‘I want more grandchildren!”

Or this classic line from my mother “I will hide your birth control!”

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It’s hard to hide something that is already in me.

Austin and I are both on the same page about this topic. People say the same things to him. We just look at each other and roll our eyes.

I am fascinated by the stages of pregnancy, birthing methods, and child-rearing; I think this is mainly to do with my continued love of biology and sociology. I used to work in a Maternal Child Unit, I have the keen ability to calm a child, and I can do a mean swaddle. I give advice to my new parent friends all the time. It does sound like all signs point to parenthood. I am actually starting to think my real calling may be to become a doula or midwife.

Even though we are the best kids, our parents will have to look to our other siblings for more grandbabies.

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Sorry not sorry.


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  1. It is absurd that anyone should be pressured to have a child. Parenting sure as heck isn’t for everyone – and even for those of us who do feel inclined to procreate (raises hand) it is a massive buttload of responsibility. I have two (2 & 4) and I adore them and love being their mom . . . buuuuuut I can also imagine life if I had chosen not to have kids. If I had it to do over – I’d think long and hard. And no one will never hear me say, “You should totally do this!” as my children run around me maniacally, smearing me with yogurt and boogers, screaming like banshees and trashing my house. Nope. Not ever.


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