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Three Days, Three Quotes: Day One

My BBF (Best Blogging Friend) Laketra BFF, awesomely nominated me for the “Three days, Three Quotes” Challenge. She is a triple threat: beautiful, talented, and funny. If you are looking for a new supportive friend with heartwarming posts, I would suggest you check her out. Thanks, girl!

Simple enough, the challenge requires one to post and write about three separate quotes for three consecutive days. For the past week, since I received the message, I have been sifting through various quotes in my mind and I think I have my top three finalists.


Can we all just take a moment to bow down to one of the fiercest queens, Bell Hooks. Her social critiques, feminist views, and thoughts on racial and gender inequality still apply today.

This quote is about something I have to remind myself of every day. When I feel like people are against me, trying to undermine me, or waiting to see me fail, I have to remember it is because they see I have so much potential and they want to stop me.

Have you ever experienced this?

Conflicts with coworkers or peers that seemingly begin to arise out of nowhere and they make you question your ability to keep up, just when you begin to hit your stride.

My mom always told that negative people are attracted to me because of my good energy and they want the challenge of bringing me down. Sometimes they succeed and I have to pick myself back up and remind myself it is them not me.

On a larger scale, think of all the oppressed marginalized groups, that their power and humanity is continually trying to be stripped away. Why is this? For several different reasons, the ideology of those with legitimate or coercive power is to make sure they remain on top while everyone else crumbles to the ground.

Do not let anyone take away your power, you have more than you realize.

The added challenge is to nominate three people each day. My nominees, if they choose to accept are:

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  1. Oooooo BBF, I like that! ❤️😊
    This quote resonated so much with me, ESPECIALLY in the work place. I’ve heard several times that people are threatened by how good I am at what I do. Which is ridiculous to me because why can’t we all be good? Does me being good make the other person less good? It’s not a competition people, geez! Looking forward to days 2 and 3…no pressure! lol

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