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Three Days, Three Quotes: Day Two

Thank you again, Laketra BFF for thinking of me.


This quote has been tied to Billy Shakes aka William Shakespeare (known by the former only to me) but there are many who say this is untrue and the actual source is unknown. Regardless, it is a great quote and one with so much truth.

Now you may think to yourself “So, am I not supposed to have any expectations? My family, my friends, my life, things are supposed to happen and I will just be fine with it? I don’t think so!”

No, not at all my friend. Expectations are a strong belief that something will happen or should happen. We can formulate these overly positive outcomes and we become disappointed when they do not unfold the way we had in mind. We can become so fixated on what is “supposed” to happen, that we can become too rigid, inflexible. It is important for that specific action to fit into our assumed molds that when it does not, the emotional consequences take its toll.

Having expectations can keep you grounded, but it is important to not get too attached and to keep an open mind and an open heart that the unexpected will inevitably arise and may fall outside your purview.

The added challenge is to nominate three people each day. My nominees, if they choose to accept are:

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  1. I read this quote and immediately said, ‘Ooooooooo!’ lol
    This quote is good for a recovering control-freak like me. I tell myself, ‘Keep your standards high and your expectations low.’ Loved this!


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