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Three Days, Three Quotes: Day Three

As I wrap up this three day challenge, I want to thank Laketra BFF for her presence and continued support. As you mentioned during your three days, it is truly a challenge. I respect the bloggers and artists who elect to write every single day.


For my final quote, I would like to acknowledge another fierce queen, Ms. Audre Lorde. Audre Lorde was a writer, poet, and activist whose work largely reflected her thoughts civil rights, sexuality, and the identity of Black women.

This quote became very poignant to me during the start of the #metoo movement. I shared this quote on my personal Facebook page several months ago, when it became apparent that the majority of my friends list had one thing in common.  I was seeing people from all walks of life, summon up the courage, and lament on their experiences with sexual assault and harassment. Whether accompanied by heart-wrenching passages or simply sharing the hashtag, people banded together to share their stories and break the silence.

I also recognized that depending on your race, sexual orientation, and gender, one’s story tended to carry more weight than another’s. For years the plight of sexual assault and harassment was ignored in certain communities, i.e. the Black community and transgender community. With only select media sites covering cases with the point of view of disenfranchised groups.

Even though our stories and words seem as though they are falling on deaf ears or will be disregarded, there is that one person who needs to hear them. They need to know they are not alone, and they need to know that their voice is also important.

It is not easy to speak up and defend yourself; it is hard as hell! Even still, that is an understatement. But if you are wronged or see someone else is wronged, it is not enough to think it and know it your heart, you have to say something.

The added challenge is to nominate three people each day. My nominees, if they choose to accept are:

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