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Flash Fiction: The Fortune Teller

Thank you Pia of Finally Unchained for inviting me to participate in your “Masters of Writing Flash Fiction” contest. I did not expect writing a 100-word story to be so difficult. My original story was 540 words long :).

The theme is Friendship and I hope you enjoy.

“Pick a number!”

A shrill voice awoke me from my daydream. I imagined an alien, with eyes like crystal-clear water and shimmering purple skin came to save me.


“1-2-3-4, now pick a color!”

“Why?” I quickly grew exhausted.

“I will tell you your fortune!”


“P-U-R-P-L-E.” I watched as they carefully untucked a corner from their meticulously crafted fortune teller. “Friends forever!”

“That can’t be right!” I said with an incredulous snort.

“The fortune teller does not lie.” We silently stared at each other. Wordlessly and with two quick blinks, they revealed a pair of large, crystal blue eyes.

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