Flash Fiction: 1492

“Sir, I am almost finished with the chapter on indigenous life and the confiscation of their land.” “Johnson, are you mad? We will not speak of such things! Throw it out, now!” “But, but isn’t it a part of American history?” “My boy, we make textbooks for the children. Children do not need to learn about that.” “But, but aren’t we erasing history?” “History is … Continue reading Flash Fiction: 1492

Flash Fiction: Senseless

“AR-15? Check! Bulletproof vest? Check!” Jeremy picked up his duffle bag and headed downstairs. “Whatcha got there?” His father said, while reading the newspaper. “It’s for a project.” He responded, nervously. “Do you want innocent blood on your hands, son?” “What?!” Jeremy froze. “Have a good day son.” His father repeated, flipping to the obituaries. “Thanks.” He said, sheepishly, and left for school. … After … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Senseless