Encouragement Corner

You Are Enough

When are you going to see that you are enough?

You are everything this world’s been missing. You have a brilliant mind and a beautiful soul. Everyone around you knows it. They see it very clearly.

There are a lot of people who want to dull your shine. They capture your sparkle in the palm of their hand and crush to a fine, aphotic dust.

It seems like your worst enemy is your own self-doubt. The negative thoughts grow tentacles and wrap themselves around your mind. “You are useless! You can’t do this!” The words echo, sending vibrations to the pit of your stomach. Sometimes they can knock you to your knees. Rest assured, whether you know it or not, you are quite the tentacle wrangler and you have it in you to prevail.

When the sunlight touches your hands, magic is what radiates off them.

You are magic my dear friend and you are enough.

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