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Our Fictitious Child

Austin and I do not want children, I have mentioned it here. It is something we have always agreed on. As much as our parents want more grandchildren, and as much as we are well aware we would make great parents, they will have to be learn to be content or pester our other siblings.

Sometimes though, we like to imagine what our child might be like based on our personalities, nurturing style, and belief systems.

We would like to think our child will be:

  • Healthy
  • Gender non-conforming
  • An ambivert
  • A feminist
  • Open-minded
  • Sarcastic
  • A nice person
  • But also a total dick
  • Well spoken
  • Well read
  • Will annoy the hell out of their teachers
  • Thoughtful
  • Occasionally impulsive
  • Stubborn
  • Philosophical
  • Imaginative
  • And lastly, super cute!

Have you ever tried to imagine what your future/fictitious child may be like? If so, what qualities do you think they would have?

If you have kids, did they turn out how you imagined?


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  1. My own experience was quite different from my fantasy. Although my child grew up quite different than I imagined, he is a beautiful person, perfect to my eyes. I see all of the good, and the short comings. I would not change a single thing about him. That is the beauty of being a parent (even if I didn’t mean to). 😉

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  2. My three have so far astonished me, they are all individual each with their own quirks. One, my number one is a non comformist, a well spoken, dignified, dapper, but likable cad. He has swagger and sass the cheek of the devil and if anyone will find the hardest way to do something … it will be number one. The other two shine in their careers and are reaching the moon. They all are loved for their sense of fun and kind demeanour. They recognise the weight of my love and how it surpasses wealth and poverty. My love for them takes no mind of the outside, but cherishes the soul of each of them and especially loves the strength of the love they have for each other. I am surprised every day of my life at the wonder of them. They are grown now, they have their own lives and live them with big hearts and well meaning. That they came from me is a constant feeling of pride. You know their weaknesses as well as their strengths, a parent consciously continues to advise and assist them on their journey long after they truly need to … they will always be my babies.

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    • Wow, you are truly blessed with talent and wonderful progeny. I love reading the way others speak about their children. As unglamorous parenthood may seem, it is truly a showcase of unconditional love.


      • No there really are conditions… No raised voices except in jest, no day to pass without giggles and never sleep on cross words. Those conditions are unconditional. 😉😃

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  3. I know for a fact that your fictitious child will be so awesome. As for mine and justin’s I wonder. We aren’t 100% against having a child and I just hope that if it were to ever happen please don’t think like daddy! Lol. Don’t get me wrong he is an amazing person but sometimes his thinking scares me.

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  4. “A nice person…but also a total dick” LOL!!!!! I strangely understood that lol. What would my kids be like? Hmmm…I just assume they will be stubborn and strong willed. I’m mentally preparing for it…by getting back on birth control lol


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