Social Commentary

“Stop Resisting!”

A phrase that, theoretically, is supposed to stop us in our tracks. Someone with coerced authority tells us to stop resisting and we are obligated to become compliant. Despite the egregiousness of the offense, we are expected to relinquish opposition and concede.

We hear this command from police officers. We hear this command from government officials and leaders. We hear this command from complete strangers. We even hear this command from friends and family. Despite the blatant injustice to our physical bodies and our mental health, we have to accept it, we have to give in—or so they say.

If we are silent and still, we are wrong. If we are vocal and resistant, we are wrong.

A privileged few get to shout out “stop resisting”, without ever experiencing injustice themselves. Our backs are lined with imperceptible boot prints and every day is a fight the rise. Some of us have it better than others, but that does not me we should turn our backs on each other. together, we have more power than anyone could ever know. And any chance they get, someone will try to undermine it.


Protest, peacefully.






Photo by Andy Omvik on Unsplash

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