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Poem: I Owe You Nothing

My curves and my smile were not made for you

you are not entitled to my body, my consent, or my peace of mind.

Keep your hands in your pockets,

keep your lustful thoughts and your twisted fantasies to yourself.

Do not question me,

I owe you nothing.

Not a kiss.

Not a hug.

Not a drink.

Or a pity fuck.

An act of kindness does not make me indebted to you.

Keep your compliments. Keep your friendship. Keep your expectations and your goals.

Keep the lies you tell your friends and your nice guy attitude.

Untangle your fingers from arm.

Erase my number from your phone.

Think of every girl you know,

and the ones you have yet to meet.

Do not touch them.

Do not harass them.

Do not follow them home.

Keep your unwanted gaze far from them.

When you feel like your are not getting your way,

remember this one thing


Let this replay over and over in your head until it’s fully understood

We owe you nothing.

Not a thing.

And please do not forget it.

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