This summer I fell in love and it is with Steven Universe!

It is a show that has been on our radar for the past couple of years, but there are so many good streaming shows these days, we just did not get around to it. It also does not help that we no longer live with children, so watching shows on Cartoon Network is not necessarily a priority. We finally gave it a go last month and I am so glad we did!

I am an adult female, pushing 30, and I have never felt so understood by a show, especially a cartoon made for children. Its representation of diversity, LGBTQIA+ undertones and themes, and loving morals are just some of the reasons why I love it. It honestly has struck a perfect balance of child friendly, witty, and smart- delightful for young and old viewers.

It has made me laugh, it has made me cry , and it has made me go “that’s so me!”. Another bonus is that the soundtrack is extremely catchy and adorable. We now own it, along with a few Funko Pop Vinyls.

“Here Comes a Thought” has become my morning meditation.

My only regret is not watching it earlier, but it seems to have entered my life at the perfect time. I am late to the game, as millions of others have acknowledged its greatness. I do suggest you check it out, it is definitely worth a watch. Do not get me wrong, I do not plan on joining any fandoms, I just appreciate the show for what it is.

In case you are wondering…

  • Garnet is my favorite Crystal Gem
  • Stevonnie is my favorite character
  • Onion is me.
  • and “Giant Woman” is probably my favorite song!

The end!

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Written by MutedMouthful

Native New Yorker, amateur artist, sarcastic social worker, professional people watcher, and alliteration addict.

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