Classic Comedy Specials For a Bad Day

Even when I feel like nothing can turn my terrible day(s) around and I really do not want to smile, putting on a comedy special will inevitably make me crack. I do not like feeling bad but I do like to laugh, so why not put on something I know will provoke some cackles and giggles.

Here’s a list of my personal, timeless favorites:

What, Words, Words, Words, and Make Happy Bo Burnham

New in Town, Comeback Kid, and Kid Gorgeous John Mulaney

My Weakness is Strong and Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time  and Patton Oswalt

Thank You Very Cool Nick Kroll

Beyond the Pale Jim Gaffigan

What I Should Have Said Was Nothing: Tales From My Secret Public Journal Mike Birbiglia

Killin’ Them Softly Dave Chappelle

Animal Furnace Hannibal Buress

You People Are All the Same Bill Burr


Laughter is good for the soul! I have seen each of these 5+ times. There SO MANY comedians I adore and never fail to make me belly laugh.

Who are your favorite comedians and/or what are your favorite comedy specials? I’d love to check them out if I haven’t already.


Author: MutedMouthful

Native New Yorker, amateur artist, sarcastic social worker, professional people watcher, and alliteration addict. Writing about mental health, introversion, social anxiety, and my imagination.

7 thoughts

  1. These sound amazing! I especially like the sound of You People Are All the Same. Are they on Netflix?
    Recommend: Hasan Minhaj- Homecoming King… I will say it’s more of a mix of memoir and comedy and he touches on important issues like racism.

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      1. Was able to find a lot of them on Netflix, can’t wait to watch them. 🤓
        Yeah, it definitely was, but given how rare it is to find a Bengali stand-up comedian (especially as a Bengali myself), I’m glad he took his shot and was as honest as possible because it definitely is hard to find representation. However, we’re definitely seeing changes so that’s a plus.

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