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I am an adult! I am saying it more to convince myself than anything else. I do adult things like work and pay bills, but there has to be more to it than that. I do not even like those things, they are really draining. I am still early on in my adulting journey, I am pretty over it already. I want the reasonable, kind of fun things that come with being an adult. I do not want much, I just want to live a comfortable, simple life with mild entertainment. As much as I kind of like my apartment, I want my fantasies to come true. Indulge me as I list my simple desires…

I want a puppy, badly. I want a pet best friend to cheer me up and force me to leave the house. We will go for walks, take naps, and eat food that has fallen on the floor.


A thriving vegetable garden A few years ago I found out I have a knack for gardening. My grandma had a garden and was always splitting her produce between the families. They way I see it, if I am not going to grow a human in my womb, I can at least grow some eggplant and zucchini.


A claw-foot bathtub The end.


A porch with a chair swing I have southern roots, so swinging on a porch drinking sweet tea is one of my happy places. The thing I love about porches is that I can be outside without really being outside, that is always ideal. Also, a great place for napping.


Vacation at least once a year I am being realistic. I do not have old money and I doubt I will be rich and famous, but I can at least try to get away and do something new one time each year. I would love to visit Barcelona, Budapest, or Phuket. What a blast that would be!

A close-up of a golden rim running across a globe

And maybe, just maybe a successful novel or a few children’s books. I am currently suppressing my affinity for writing. Mainly because I am afraid to acknowledge that I really like it and that I have zero talent. I really enjoy blogging but anyone can blog, right? The book market is oversaturated, what’s the point? I don’t know. Anyway, this is about fantasies. I would like to have written a book or two and achieve mild success. I do not have high expectations *Kanye, shrug*.


None of these things are impossible and I think they can be achieved. I am putting it out in the universe in hopes it decides the give me a high-five and knowing wink. I have to overcome my own self-doubt and uncertainty to keep my eye on the prize. Until then, this will be a friendly reminder of my #AdultGoals.


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  1. These are all realistic. Go for it. Especially the book – chunk it down, aim to write say 1 or 2 chapters a week. You’ll get there. Writing’s the easy part though; but if you enjoy it, do it!

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  2. Great post! I too hope to visit Barcelona someday. And if you love to write, write books! The worst that can happen is that the practice will make you a better writer 😊

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  3. Omgosh adult goals…
    I remember being a kid and thinking someone was an adult because they were in their 20s, and now that I’m almost out of my 20s it still hasn’t hit me that I’m an “adult”. Like, what does that even mean? lol I see it more like post college life. “Adult” sounds like I have a mortgage (I rent) and a will (not yet).
    I loved your goals! The porch swing is major goals. Is it even the south if people aren’t sitting on the porch waving and speaking to everyone who passes by? *sigh* I’m missing Florida now.
    What’s stopping you from getting the puppy?
    Also, did I miss something? You said if you were going to grow a human in your womb then you could garden. I mean, I know I’ve been gone for awhile, but has it been THAT long? lol

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    • You’re right, post-college is a better way to put it. I figured once I received my masters, I’d get the ball rolling and I suppose technically I have. Nothing good comes easily. My current apartment does not allow pets beside cats. We just renewed our lease so it probably be another year before we complete our family with a floppy eared doggo. And no ma’am, still no kids for me lol. The only fruit I will be bearing are tomatoes and maybe ground cherries😅.

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