Really, Six Months? What’s My Appeal?

It is interesting (it’s probably not) I went from being someone who barely uses a Facebook account to creating and maintaining a blog and twitter. Did anyone else see that coming? I certainly did not. I am not someone who has been quick to do anything, especially if it involves the internet. I like to maintain a semblance of privacy and I personally do not feel like I am that interesting. Turns out, I am? That part is still questionable.

confused the nightmare before christmas GIF

I started my blog on a whim six months ago. I did not have a plan or a clear vision. A couple of days later, I thought I would create a twitter account just because I really liked the name of my blog. Back in the day, I avoided Twitter because it was mostly people documenting their every move and I did not want any part of that. Lo and behold, Twitter has become a place for updates on current events, finding a tribe, and learning from other people. I completely recognize that I am the last to know.

TANGENT: When I was in high school, I thought MySpace was a room in the building. Because I did not have friends, I thought to myself “where is this ‘MySpace’ and why is there so much drama?” I hope that gives you an idea of how up on things I can be.

question-151792_960_720You all have been so supportive; it is so odd to have more support for people I have never met face-to-face than my own “friends”. Honestly, you all probably know me better than people I have been acquainted with for 5+ years. I am still surprised that I have a blog and/or twitter followers. I feel like that sounded braggy and I am not a braggart. I am honestly aghast; as the title suggests, I question my appeal.

I do not have any goals as far as metrics go. If you find me and like me, awesome! If you find me and hate me, keep it to yourself, please!

However, main goals are:

Keep Opening Up. I am becoming more vulnerable in my posts, it is scary, but it is worth it. I do not take a lot of pictures, so I do not have too much to share in that vein. I could give it a shot.

Where the magic happens:

Engage more. I overthink my posts, I also overthink my comments. It can take me 3 hours just to settle on saying thank you. If you say something personal, I love it so much, I do not want to be a distraction from it. I also want to engage more on other people’s sites. If you have a “like” from me, know that I actually read it. Sometimes I want to say “you’re so awesome” but I don’t want to come off as a weirdo. I am one, so it fits (I am rambling!). I adore you!!

Eventually, share my blog with more friends. This one I am not too confident about. I realize my trepidation is that I do not want to answer weird questions or hold long conversations. So we will see if this actually happens.


  • How long have you been blogging?
  • What are your goals?
  • Why do you follow me?! (You don’t have to answer that.)
  • Do you have twitter? If I don’t follow you already, I would love to start!


Cheers to six more months!

Author: MutedMouthful

Native New Yorker, amateur artist, sarcastic social worker, professional people watcher, and alliteration addict. Writing about mental health, introversion, social anxiety, and my imagination.

10 thoughts

  1. Congrats on 6mo! I’ve been doing my current blog about the same amount of time. I followed you because the weirdo, awkward, anxious, introvert theme resonates with me. And the fact that you work in social work, because I work in the helping profession as well. Your blog is great and is very genuine. I can relate with the part about agonizing over perfection. It’s one of the perks of writing- editing. I am challenging myself to break out of that by doing video, which makes it impossible to be perfect. I hope that blogging continues to help you reach the goals of opening up and sharing your life with your loved ones. Also, I’m loving those short story tweets!

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    1. Oh Johnzelle, I’m glad we found each other😊. You’re so supportive and kind. I have your video open to dive into, I’m excited. Video seems so intimidating, I’m proud of you for breaking into it. Thank you for your feedback!

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  2. Congrats, girl. ❤️
    Totally with you about how scary it is to show your blog to friends & family. I’m not sure why, but it is? I showed a few posts to my sister & since then, I’m just not scared anymore. I’m enjoying myself and that’s all that matters. 🎉

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  3. Yay to your 6 months!
    I started my blog in January this year. Why? To enable me to treat my writing ‘as a proper job’. And that’s the goal setting part – 1 chapter a week on my novel and 1 short piece. Anything else I write and share is a bonus.
    I started to follow you because you are interesting! – and all those other things you say too. And thanks for your support in ‘blog-land’ and on Twitter.
    I am also stunned and amazed that there are so many wonderful people out there – all over the world, from different backgrounds, viewpoints and cultures. All at my screen and fingertips.

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    1. Aw, thank you! It is easy to support genuine, talented people 🤗. You’re right, it’s still very mind boggling how you can feel alone for so many years and then ,in a blink of an eye, you’re connected to hundreds, even thousands, of people from around the world❤.


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