Encouragement Corner

You Are Not Alone

“You’re born into this world alone and you’ll die alone.”

You know that statement is entirely false, right? I usually hear this when someone is trying to sound profound; sometimes, it is used as justification for failed relationships. In reality, you came into this world literally connected to someone else. What happened between then and now may have been wonderful, it may have been really shitty, and it may have felt really lonely. Deep down, this whole time, you were never alone.

Dying alone is a strong possibility, but it does not have to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is innately human to crave social, emotional, and physical connections. Unfortunately, the person on the other end may not be the best source; this is a gamble we all take. We are also told that there is supposed to be one person, our soulmate, that is meant to make us feel whole; making being alone synonymous with being inadequate. The search to find this person can be arduous and distressing. What they do not tell you, is this could possibly be spread over several people. Sometimes we discount the love of our friends because it may not be romantic, but that love can still feed your soul.

Do not take your online community for granted, especially the people that shower you with support and encouragement. It can be so easy to dismiss their presence as not being real because, on the outside, they are merely usernames and avatars or you will never have the chance to hug them. Guess what? Those are real people on the other side and they have taken an interest in you, that means something.

In your own bubble, the loneliness can feel immense. It may be hard to remind yourself, but please try to remember that you are never truly alone.



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  1. LITERALLY came into this world with one of the strongest bonds imaginable. AMAZING point. I never thought of it this way!
    “We are also told that there is supposed to be one person, our soulmate, that is meant to make us feel whole…” That’s a lot of pressure for the other person lol

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