Awkward, Anxious, and Average

AwkAnxAvg 5: You Up?

“Hey” with three dots, an ellipses, what does that mean? Remember, we are learning not to panic.

My fingers fumble as I prepare to respond back. Each text exchange feels like it’s the first. I don’t know why, maybe because I am not used to people wanting to chat with me.

Those treacherous three dots float at the corner of the screen. Please don’t overthink it. Please wait patiently. Please finish writing so my heart may explode in peace.


I do know that. This does not make me feel good.


Here it comes, rekindled romance. THE BIG REVEAL!

When Reign speaks about her mother, it is always as if she is still here. In my mind she is an amazon, strong and inspiring. I keep a lid on my excitement, hoping for a chance to meet her one day. My eyes burned as I reread the texts. Feelings of being an asshole and feelings of sympathy swirled around my chest. I held the phone close to me as I felt another buzz.


I couldn’t muster up a chuckle. She had been so vulnerable with me and remained confident and serene. She could find a silver lining when I would have just fallen into a puddle. My heart flipped and twisted as I continued to rack up reasons why I was so glad Reign entered my life. She intimidates the hell out of me, but God, she is a beautiful person inside and out. A smile crept across of my face.

How can I sleep now?

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