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Lessons From a New Tattoo

“Dude, life’s too short to take yourself and your skin too seriously.”

-Andy, Aart Accent tattoo

Last week, we took a short vacation to New Orleans. It was our first time! Of course when everyone thinks of NOLA, they typically imagine Mardi Gras or Bourbon Street; beads, boobs, and booze. Fortunately, I strategically planned our mini-vacay away from all that, I thought I could escape the heat too, but the sunburn on my forehead tells a different story.

New Orleans is a beautiful city with a ton of history and character. The vibe is incredibly laid back and the locals are extremely kind. It took me a good day and a half to adapt to this vibe, I am not very good at letting the good times roll.

While we were there, we decided to check out a tattoo shop. I, personally, had zero intentions of leaving with a tattoo. But when you are in the oldest tattoo shop in New Orleans and history is staring you in the face, how do you say no? You say “no”!

We told Andy about our idea and he said he could sketch something up and “we can do it right here, right now”. I look at both him and Austin with fear in my eyes. Is no one else going to think this through?

My thoughts were as follows:

  • I currently have two tattoos, none of which are visible. This would be my first one people will actually see
  • It’s hot! How can we make this decision while being incredibly sweaty?
  • We do not know this guy, how can we trust him?
  • What if it really hurts?
  • What if people start looking at me differently?
  • What if I get it and realize it’s really stupid?
  • This is a little reckless, I don’t do reckless.
  • I haven’t thought about it enough!

Then, my new best friend spoke, “dude, life’s too short to take yourself and your skin too seriously.” For some odd reason, perhaps dehydration, the confidence he had in this statement put me at ease. I thought about how crappy people can be and how you can do nothing wrong and you will be judged for it anyway.  I thought about all the ways I limit myself and for what? Playing it safe can only do so much, I will have anxiety no matter what.  As much of a cliché as it is, life is too short and Y.O.L.O.


Turns out:

  • It did not hurt
  • I love it
  • Nothing really matters

New tattoo, new attitude. Well…at least for this week.






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  1. I just got my very first tattoo after much (by much I mean years) of contemplations and in the end….it’s really not a big deal! Just a part of me now, I am ready for more….haha

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