Am I a Blogger?

I know I am a person that has a blog. Here it is, welcome.

I blog regularly, but can I really call myself a blogger?

Austin called me a creative the other day, I was honored, but I do not believe I can claim that label.

The conversation continued:

Do you create things?


Do you create things using your imagination for people to see/read?

I suppose.

Well, then you’re a creative, dear.

I wish it was that simple for it to click in my mind. But no, there is this nagging feeling that I constantly experience no matter what I am doing or how long I have been doing it. When I deny being good at something, I act bashful because I honestly do not believe it. This is often read as me being incredibly humble. I usually keep this to myself and travel down an unproductive spiral, I call it Tuesday. I am openly being doubtful and insecure, this question is a minuscule thought that floats around in my head. Thanks for reading, I know I am not the only one.


Author: MutedMouthful

Native New Yorker, amateur artist, sarcastic social worker, professional people watcher, and alliteration addict. Writing about mental health, introversion, social anxiety, and my imagination.

13 thoughts

      1. Same. I have to remind myself that essentially it could be helping someone out there cause I don’t think blogging just for my well-being would actually keep it going. Thinking of other does tho. We got this 💪xx

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  1. You’re definitely a creative, so I co-sign with Austin. Just look at those twitter stories! Creative. Maybe you’re dealing with a little imposter syndrome. Embrace it. You’re a blogger. You’re one of us 🤓

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    1. Thank you 💕 I’m still cringing though😬. That is what’s so annoying, I can clearly indicate the fallacies, but I’m still like “I don’t know, bro.” However, writing it out like this does make me feel better. Sometimes, I have to read it to think “that’s silly.” Sometimes I just yell the thoughts out, that helps too!

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  2. definitely not the only one. it’s hard living a life in which the underlying belief is that you’re insufficient and unworthy. those thoughts lie, though. keep believing the voices around you until you come to the point where you believe it of yourself.

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  3. I also struggle with calling myself a blogger. I can say “I have a blog” but I never include “blogger” as one of my identities. I think it’s because when I think of people who are bloggers or content creators they have thousands of followers and get paid and flown out to events and speaking engagements. Celebrity type stuff. We need to think of this in more simple terms. Like, if you drive (have a driver’s license) you’re a driver. We have a blog, so we ARE bloggers! lol

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