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10 Unusual Things About Me Tag

Your friend and mine,Fox, tagged me in the 10 Unusual Things About Me Tag. It’s especially tricky because there are no prompts to stir up inspiration. Here is my best attempt, don’t judge me!

  1. I do not like coconuts or olives. A taste of either one will ruin my day.
  2. We have a spiked flail and mace weapon in our home.
  3. I can easily spend hours reading about serial killers. I am interested in their minds and motives; gruesome details do not bother me at all.
  4. I always see faces in random things, apparently a trait in people who are neurotic.
  5. I only sleep on the right side of beds.
  6. As a child I had strabismus and underwent corrective surgery when I was 11.
  7. I kept money in a Planters peanut can until the age of 21 because I had a mistrust of banks.
  8. My mom and aunt peer pressured me into my first tattoo.
  9. I have looked into selling my used underpants on the dark web
  10. I’m not very good at coming up with facts about myself.

To be honest, it took the better half of a week to come up with ten things 😂.

I’ll tag my peeps on twitter. As always, no pressure to participate.



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  1. I enjoy a good serial killer documentary as well! I find looking into the psychological side of it really interesting, even though it tends to be a very sad story. Also your mum and aunt sound cool 😂

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    • Each of my stories contains a hint of a victim’s hiding place 😶. Oh, I think I have a new story idea!

      I swear I am a harmless, somewhat normal individual🤞🏽. The flail was purchased at a renaissance faire 😄

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      • Oh… that doesn’t sound terrifying at all… you’re not scaring me… 🤭

        Pahaha, okay, we can all rest on that flail count… and, of course, renaissance faire, that is so cool!

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