Creative Works

Flash Fiction: Happy Anniversary

Today is the day my sweet, your favorite day of the year! Jina sat up from her bed, stretching her arms and legs. She could not contain her excitement. Today was November 22nd, their anniversary; a day only filled with love, joy, and peaceful thoughts. Jina did something different every year for Semira; last year they named 100 stars, the year before that she surprised her with carving their names into a nearby oak tree. Semira always waited patiently, she never tried to guess what Jina would do next; she did not care what they did, she only wanted to be together.

Jina gathered all her supplies and made her way to their spot, the highest hill overlooking Cava Lake. Jina laid her blanket down and set up her candles; they had used the same candles for the past three years. The sun had to hit them just right for the candles to spark and light. Patiently waiting, Jina looked to the sky, there was overcast. The sun did not show itself as it had in the past. Praying, she tried to will the clouds away. Today was their one day, the sun could not fail them now. “Please, please, I need this, we need this!” The clouds did not part. Semira could see Jina crying, her own tears forming at the sight of her. Without the sun’s blessing, she could not leave the spirit realm. The sky darkened, thunder erupted from above. Today, the anniversary of her death, they would both be alone again.


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