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So, I Guess We’re Really Friends

Previously, I have written about the woes of friendships; the trials of building relationships with people who zap your energy and questioning if I truly have friends. I realize this has not been fair to the people who have consistently been in my corner. Today, I acknowledge you!

Assuming I would have started to make friends when I was five (I don’t know, some people have been friends since pre-school), it has taken me 23 years to establish a small collective. Quality friends that I can laugh and cry with, share my dreams with, and share my neurotic visions without judgment. Some of them were right in front of me for years; I was too busy overthinking my existence and meaningfulness to see that a solid friendship was blossoming. I will say, they are incredibly patient.

I question my friendships because I honestly think they can unravel at any minute. I convince myself that my mind is playing tricks on me and I believe we are more than we are (it’s exhausting!).

I know it can be hard to feel like there are genuine people out there, but they exist. It’s especially important to take note of when you subtly try to push them away and they stay. Instead of writing you off, they help you with your own development. I would call these people keepers.Tiffbits excited high five corgi hi five StickerI’ve learned that people love me for me, quirks and all, and I don’t have to be guarded all the time. Being on the same wavelength with someone else is invaluable. Sharing your struggles and triumphs with a close friend or mate makes you realize that you truly are not alone.

It’s okay to be picky, feel people out for a long time, or question your relationships, but if they stay and they’ve never provided evidence to convince you otherwise, it’s okay to take it for what it is. You’ve got a good friend, friend!


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