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I am a tragic creative. No, not distressed or sorrowful. I mean tragic in the way that mid-2000’s teens insult you. I am sure you are too; trying to balance creative endeavors, taking care of your physical and mental health, and probably working a full-time job you don’t love.

I know I am supposed to be doing something creative, even though I try to steer away from it because I am afraid of failure. But, when I question what makes me happy or what I love to do (which is daily), I smirk at the thought that art, in some form, makes me happy. I don’t want to believe it though.

I am just another blogger, another writer. What’s the point?

Telling myself this lie is incredibly counterproductive. I find myself pushing blogging, painting, drawing, and even daydreaming out of my life. Which, in turn, makes me sad, angry, and resentful. Cue the misery! I am annoyed with my life because I am miserable and the daily grind that eats at my soul. I drag myself out of bed at 6 am to commute to work questioning why I am here and what I should be really doing. It’s a vicious cycle!

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My blogging hiatus has definitely substantiated that I need a safe space for creativity in my life. I also have been toying with new ideas that I am really excited about and I hope I can make happen in the near future.

If this resonated with you, we both need to remember that we have a voice. It’s not a waste of time to put your art out there. Are we going to make it big? I don’t know if that’s my goal, but if it’s yours, anything can happen! You only lose if you do nothing at all. Being a creative, I’m learning, is incredibly rewarding. Not everything has to be monetized. You can do things that just make your heart happy.

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  1. “Not everything has to be monetized. You can do things that just make your heart happy.”
    Come on, now! Straight truth!
    I’m happy your hiatus is over…if it is lol
    You have so much to offer this world. When I come on WordPress I skip the reader section and search your name so I can get caught up on stuff you’ve written. Your stuff is good, girl!
    This post resonated with me for two separate reasons: 1.) It made me think of all the times I don’t want to blog or record videos for YouTube because I compare it to what others are doing. Honestly, it’s fun to me. Why can’t that be enough? And so what if there are tons of blogger and vloggers?! NONE of them are me 🙂
    2.) I hate my current job, but the jobs I love to do don’t pay well. I’m working at a job that I don’t feel fulfilled for more money. I feel the way you described feeling when you fight with your dreams. *sigh*
    We’ll figure it out and get our lives together. I believe in us lol

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I have definitely missed blogging regularly and I’ve missed you too! I think my hiatus is over for now, well at least for the next four weeks 😉.

      My dear, I will really hope we permanently push our inhibitions to the side and shine brightly like the confident creatives we know we can be.


  2. I totally agree, Tiara! I had a similar internal debate about whether I should stop doing the small stuff – the little poems and tiny stories – and concentrate on more ‘serious’ writing. And so, I ducked down and did just that for a few weeks. I concentrated on starting to market my latest novel (a good thing) and I just finished the first proper draft of my latest novel (also good). But I missed the fun and the interaction of creating the small stuff. And so I’m going back to that, too. Fun won’t make me a better writer, or sell more of my books (not sure what will). But fun makes me happy! Blog your heart out and be happy too!

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  3. This is brilliant. I was pondering this question during lunch and wondering how am I going to fit blogging into my schedule? And then I remembered that I have to. Because I love it. It makes me happy… and then there’s the added fun of creating images. And what do you know? I go through my emails and I see your blog post on this and there is no way that it’s a coincidence! There’s always room for what we love, we just have to make it. We can’t let the grind get us down.

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