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5 Daily Reminders for Minuscule Motivation

I didn’t realize it until recently, but I have daily reminders. Little things I tell myself to keep going about my day. Sometimes these phrases can be a machete that chops through the thick brambles of negativity; other times, they just kind of swim around in your head. This doesn’t suddenly negate all the things going on both internally and externally, but sometimes it’s helpful to think a little something to yourself that gives you an ounce of motivation.

September through January has always been a struggle for me, more than the rest of the year. So, I am noticing the repetition a lot more lately. Here are a few phrases I find myself repeating daily.

Everything is temporary

Nothing lasts forever, except maybe Twinkies and roaches. Honestly, I think of this phrase for a positive outlook, but it does have a slight morbid component. However, today’s feelings do not have to dictate the rest of the week or the rest of your life. Some things stay with you, but there are opportunities to make the smallest change around the troubles that ail you.

Everything is temporary (1)

This is my morning mantra, seriously. Every day, I found myself not wanting to rise from under my weighted blanket, tell myself nothing matters, and contemplate all the aspects of my life that are not ideal. Then, I remind myself that I can start my morning with a win; all I have to do is plant my feet on the ground, it’ll be a little easier after that.

Everything is temporary (2)

It’s lose-lose if I sit and do nothing. As long as I make an effort, every little bit counts. Sometimes if I start with an attempt, it makes me want to keep going and finish a project or take better care of myself.

Everything is temporary (3)

For a little more magic, add a shrug and think or say it in a stand-up comedy tone. This is usually in response to things out of my control that I find myself ruminating over. There’s nothing I can do about it so I need to move on. It’s often a waste of mental energy.

Everything is temporary (4)

You’ve got this! We’ve all heard this one. It’s a little basic, but can be effective, especially when you say it to yourself. I need a little more convincing throughout the day; everyone else tells me, but it hits differently (as this kids say) when I say it to myself.

I hope you can incorporate these or other daily reminders in your life. They’re simple, yet surprisingly effective at times.

If you use daily reminders, what are some of your favorites?


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  1. Loving these! A few of mine…

    “It either happens or it doesn’t, and then we move on”

    “Just get started”

    Also I use gratitude I’d I get in the weeds of my brain. Just stop and take a minute of what I’m grateful for right now.

    And if all else fails, turn on some music!

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  2. From Helen Fielding novel ‘Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination’, something like, “Nothing is ever as good as you expect or as bad as you expect”, and it’s the last half of the quote I hang onto.

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