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Mind the Vibes

Have you ever entered a place that didn’t feel quite right, but you couldn’t put your finger on it? Maybe you ignored the feeling, but couldn’t shake it, and you ended up not enjoying yourself for one reason or another. That, my friends, is what we would consider a bad vibe. The term “vibe” has been in the American vernacular since at least the 60s. A vibe or vibration tends to refer to a feeling or energy you receive or give off. My parents would use the term all the time and tell me to mind other people’s vibes and listen to my gut or don’t let other people influence your vibe. I’ll be honest, that was some sound guidance.

A word once was labeled has hippy-dippy, has become a millennial buzzword; in reality, we all use semantics to describe someone’s or some thing’s vibe. We’ve all said some variation of “I don’t know about that guy, he seems creepy” or “I was having a good time, then they showed up” that’s a vibe. Picking up on someone’s vibes doesn’t take mystical training; it’s heavily influenced by self-awareness, emotional intelligence, culture, and non-verbal cues. Some people claim they’re picking up vibes, but they’re biased or prejudiced, that’s not the same thing.

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I am a big believer in vibes, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Sometimes I feel a deep sense of mistrust about a person or situation, we click in some form, or I can’t get a good read on them. Some people, places, or things emit weird energy; if I sense it, there’s a good chance I’ll peace out. Down the line, an incident or fact is revealed, and I am ready with the “I knew it, they had a bad vibe.” Sometimes it’s easy, you can tell by the body language, how they address another person, presentation, or personality characteristics. Other times, you have to trust the hairs on the back of your neck, the goosebumps, or that rock in your stomach (you know the one).

If you’re intuitive, empathic, or highly sensitive, you may be easily influenced by other people’s vibes. It can be a gift, but it’s often hella annoying and exhausting. As much as I try to protect myself, my mood can shift depending on the vibe of the room. Is someone intentionally making me uncomfortable, fearful, or angry? Sometimes you have to be vocal when receiving a weird vibe, which can be awkward, but it’s also a form of self-care. Nowadays, referring to other’s vibes is commonplace; a few years go, people would raise their eyebrows and think you’re making excuses.

Paying attention to other people’s vibes can open you up to new experiences and potentially save you a headache. When someone tells you they’re not feeling your vibe or your vibes are not aligned, believe them. Ain’t nobody got time for bad energy!


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  1. Definitely! My daughter and I were just talking about that. I said “make sure to tune in…tune in to your mind, body and spirit”.

    Thanks for this reminder, the vibes never lie.
    Thanks for this great content you are putting out here.

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