Creative Works

Poem: An Ode to the Weird Black Kids

I see you and that box you kicked to the side.
The one that they tried to hold you in, but you broke free.
In return, they made you feel like an outcast.
Broken. Alone. Weird.
They tried to make you second guess yourself.
They tried to make you assimilate.
But how could they?
You were never trying to be anyone else but yourself.
You are unstoppable.
The music in your heart is too loud to be ignored.
The way you dress,
The way you speak,
Your interest and dreams,
And, the color of your skin are way more powerful than you can imagine.
You are limitless.

Dear weird Black kids, I see you.
I am one of you.
Your boldness and creativity are unmatched.
Even when you are quiet, you are loud.
When you feel like you don’t belong, keep going.
You are exactly who you need to be.
Quite frankly, I don’t want to be anywhere that doesn’t want you.
Can you imagine? The world would be so drab and sad.
I’m glad you are here,
So keep it up.
Keep breaking out of boxes and crushing them.
You are seen.
You are magical. 
Please, don’t ever stop being weird.  


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