Encouragement Corner

Affirmations for Surviving Another Hard Week

To exist- to survive, as is- is a lot of hard work. The effort that you put into each day is remarkable. I hope you can take a moment to yourself, breathe, and feel kindness and grace flow through you. I am proud of you for making it to the end of another week.

Take what you need, friends.

  1. I am tired.
  2. I am trying my best.
  3. I am proud of myself for persevering.
  4. What I am doing is not easy. 
  5. This week was a shit week, but I will be okay. 
  6. I will cry as many times and as much as I need.
  7. I hate people, and I need people.
  8. I welcome doing nothing. 
  9. I can take my time. I can slow down.
  10. I can make hard choices.
  11. I can choose myself.
  12. I do not have to earn rest. 
  13. I do not have to talk to anyone I do not want to.
  14. I am still learning about what I need and how to meet my needs.
  15. I cannot rescue everyone.
  16. I will accomplish what I can handle. I will leave the rest for later.
  17. It takes a lot of physical, emotional, and mental energy to keep myself alive.
  18. I need more time than others to recover and recharge. I will not compare my needs to theirs. 
  19. I am not in a good space right now. It’s hard to see a way out, but I know it will not last forever. 
  20. Though I try, I cannot self-care my way out of systemic and structural oppression. 
  21. I need to give myself more credit for surviving each day. 
  22. I deserve a pat on the back for all the bullshit I navigate.
  23. It should not be this hard. I am more than deserving of goodness and ease.  
  24. I am soft and fragile. I do not need to be resilient.
  25. Today I will be on the floor. Tomorrow, I will try again.

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