10 Helpful Tips When Seeking Therapy

May is Mental Health Awareness month! In my heart, I feel we are getting a little closer to recognizing mental health as regular health, but there is still so much work that needs to be done. I have this conversation, somewhat frequently, on what to expect or what you need to know when looking for a therapist. I often like to congratulate the person, even … Continue reading 10 Helpful Tips When Seeking Therapy

Having a Great Memory & Secondary Trauma

One of my talents is that I have a really good memory. I am good at recalling names, dates, statements, significant events, and useless trivia. Trust me, it is not photographic or anything, but I have to admit, it is pretty impressive. I surprise a lot of my friends when I can bring up something they said last week or even last year. I surprise … Continue reading Having a Great Memory & Secondary Trauma

Snotty, Arrogant,Smug,Conceited, B%#@h

  Because I do not speak a lot, I apparently come off as either snotty, arrogant, smug, conceited, or, for lack of a better word, a bitch. In case you are wondering, someone has either said this to me or about me at some point in my life. My coworkers, classmates, and select family members do not understand that the majority of the time I … Continue reading Snotty, Arrogant,Smug,Conceited, B%#@h