The Interview Advocate

I tweeted this over a month ago: The backstory for this tweet is that due to being the most senior person at my job, I help make staffing decisions. I also have experience in recruitment. Unfortunately, we end up passing on resumes due to errors such a formatting or simple spelling mistakes. It's disheartening [...]


True Life: I am an Actual Person

It has been a long time coming, but I thought I would reveal a little more about myself. I have been feeling a little disconnected, especially when no one actually knows my name; that's my own fault, there is a sense of safety in anonymity. Another factor is, much to my surprise, I now have [...]

Am I a Blogger?

I know I am a person that has a blog. Here it is, welcome. I blog regularly, but can I really call myself a blogger? Austin called me a creative the other day, I was honored, but I do not believe I can claim that label. The conversation continued: Do you create things? Yeah? Do [...]

To Write Or Not to Write

This will be more of a ramble post, I apologize in advance. I keep most of my thoughts in my head and the fact that I have been letting them out, little by little, every week kind of freaks me out. This is probably a good thing, but it honestly scares me. I am approaching [...]