Blogger Recognition Award!

The requirements for this award are as follows: Thank the blogger that nominated you Write a post to show your award Give a brief story of how your blog started Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to Comment on each blog and let [...]


Be Kind: Random Act of Kindness Award

My dear comrade Em, of Famine to Feast, nominated me for the Random Act of Kindness Award. I had to read her post twice to make sure it was actually me she was referring to, it was an unexpected, sweet gesture. Em is truly a genuine person and she allows us to bear witness to [...]

Flawesome and Jetsam

The lovely Sophia Ismaa nominated me for her newly created Flawesome Award. Sophia is such a positive person and her blog is definitely one you want to follow, especially if you love books and apt social commentary. The Flawesome award is meant to recognize our individual flaws. We all have them and they make us [...]

This is Quite a Conundrum: Mystery Blogger Award

I would first like to thank Laketra BFF for nominating me for this award. She truly deserve her nomination, as she continues to write beautiful, thought-provoking pieces. I will keep the excerpt Laketra had on her post "According to Okoto Enigma, 'Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog [...]

Sunshine Blogger Award

The beautiful and inspirational Kenyatta Monique of Luminous Life Links has graciously nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Kenyatta's website and blog radiates positive energy and offers guidance and education on maintaining a healthy, confident lifestyle. It is definitely worth checking out! Kenyatta offered a wonderful explanation of the award and I will ctrl+v [...]

Thank You, Don’t Look at Me!:Accepting Recognition

Today, during a two hour long meeting, my supervisor decided to take a moment and thank me in front of the CEO of our organization..... My supervisor preceded to sing my praises "her professionalism, the quality of work she delivers , and her attention to detail is unmatched". My heart races. I say thank you, [...]

I Don’t Deserve This: The Lovely Liebster

I would first like to thank Howtobejames for the gracious nomination. I do not even know what I am doing, but thank you for seeing the potential. If you are a novice like me and have never heard of the prestigious Liebster Award, here is a brief overview. The award is given to bloggers ,by [...]