Classic Comedy Specials For a Bad Day

Even when I feel like nothing can turn my terrible day(s) around and I really do not want to smile, putting on a comedy special will inevitably make me crack. I do not like feeling bad but I do like to laugh, so why not put on something I know will provoke some cackles and giggles. Here’s a list of my personal, timeless favorites: What, … Continue reading Classic Comedy Specials For a Bad Day

Sunshine Blogger Award

The beautiful and inspirational Kenyatta Monique of Luminous Life Links has graciously nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Kenyatta’s website and blog radiates positive energy and offers guidance and education on maintaining a healthy, confident lifestyle. It is definitely worth checking out! Kenyatta offered a wonderful explanation of the award and I will ctrl+v it here: “The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award given … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award