Thank You, Don’t Look at Me!:Accepting Recognition

Today, during a two hour long meeting, my supervisor decided to take a moment and thank me in front of the CEO of our organization..... My supervisor preceded to sing my praises "her professionalism, the quality of work she delivers , and her attention to detail is unmatched". My heart races. I say thank you, [...]


Socially Awkward. Socially Anxious. Social…Worker?

There are many exciting things observed in the month of March; for one, it is Women's history month. There is also National Old Stuff Day, National Plant a Flower Day, and of course National Barbie Day! In all seriousness, it is also Social work month! This particular March will be my first observance as a [...]

“You know, you should start a blog!”

Since I was able to talk, I managed to convince myself I had nothing to say. My feelings, my thoughts, my words- they were of no value. I am 26 years old, going on 27, and I am just starting to believe that is not true. I have a lot to say and I do [...]