I am an adult! I am saying it more to convince myself than anything else. I do adult things like work and pay bills, but there has to be more to it than that. I do not even like those things, they are really draining. I am still early on in my adulting journey, I [...]

Mental Health Days

Last week, I took some time off from work because I have not been feeling well, both physically and mentally. I hardly ever call off because I tend to feel guilty, but I have learned that it only hurts me in the end. When you are physically ill, people do not hesitate to send you [...]

“What Do You Want?”

Today I had a hard conversation with my boss. I spent days rehearsing it and it still did not turn out the way I planned. Here were my main points: I am tired of being taken advantage of. I am not being compensated fairly. If I do not see changes, I will look for other [...]