After years of going through life feeling like I could not relate to other people, I have decided to try and be that person for someone else. I am an awkward Black girl, riddled with social anxiety, and trying to figure out my purpose in life. Sound familiar?

I live under a rock, I do not know the right words to say, I overthink everything, and my quirky personality is an acquired taste.

My friends and family lean on me to be their voice of reason, but I am just starting to feel like I truly have a voice of my own.

I hope we can find a sense of empowerment and solidarity together. I hope we can learn from each other’s experiences and observations and laugh about it later.

I also hope that one day, on the patio of a Parisian cafe, I will drop my macaroon, look around, pick it up, blow off the dirt, and eat it. You will have spilled your tea, jumped up and knocked over your chair. We will lock eyes, smirk, and never speak to each other, the way God intended.

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